Lara Trump: 'You Cannot Have Ballots Counted After Elections Are Over'

Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump argued Sunday that ballots should not be counted after elections are over.

While speaking to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Trump explained why her party had filed a lawsuit in Nevada to stop vote counting after the election.

“You cannot have ballots counted, Maria, after elections are over,” Trump opined. And right now, that is one of the many lawsuits we have out across this country to ensure that just that happens, that we have a free, fair, and transparent election.

“So in Nevada, as you pointed out, we are saying we want, on election day, that to be the last day that mail-in ballots can be counted,” she added. “And we’ve been very successful in a lot of lawsuits.”

Trump pointed to another lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

“They wanted to take off dates from mail-in ballots, of course, the Democrats, in an effort to make it easier to cheat,” she claimed.

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