Lauren Boebert Taunted By Students Chanting 'Beetlejuice'

Lauren Boebert is a truly comical character, one you could endlessly laugh at for her Jerry-Springer-Show life and serial inanity, if she didn’t, ya know, actually get to vote on stuff that affects our lives.

But here we’re going to laugh at her anyhow. Whether in hearings, watching plays or really anywhere, she’s so comically stupid, so good at humiliating herself again and again, it feels like it should be added as a wonder of nature. This past week she went to George Washington University to learn them protesting students a thing or two.

Instead, she lost a fight with an inanimate object (really) and ended up being loudly taunted for her overly active limbs–and other parts–while watching the show Beetlejuice with a date. It was as classic Boebert as it gets. Just utterly humiliated for being the truculent trash human she is.

It was glorious. Check out the video! (Then, please subscribe to my Youtube channel where I produce videos like this daily!).

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