Left-Wing Coalition Bashes Fascism In France

Preliminary results from France’s parliamentary election on Sunday show that strategic collaboration between the left and allies of President Emmanuel Macron has succeeded in preventing Marine Le Pen’s fascist National Rally from winning an absolute majority.

According to projections released shortly after polls closed, Nouveau Front Populaire (NFP)—a coalition of left-of-center parties formed ahead of the snap elections to counter the far-right—is on track to secure the largest number of seats in parliament. The Financial Timesreported that NFP is expected to win “anywhere from 170 to 215 seats,” while Macron’s centrist alliance was “running close behind, with pollsters predicting ranges of 140 to 180 seats, a big drop from the roughly 250 they held in the outgoing National Assembly.”

Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN) is expected to finish third with between 120 and 150 seats.

Following the first round of voting last weekend, hundreds of candidates from Macron’s alliance and parties within the NFP dropped out of three-way runoff races in a strategic bid to defeat RN candidates—an effort that appears to have paid off in a major way. RN won the first round of voting and, at the time, appeared to have a chance at an absolute majority.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the leftist La France Insoumise party, called the early election results an “immense relief for a majority of people in our country” and urged Macron to resign and allow the left to govern.

“The united left saved the republic,” said Mélenchon. “It can begin the ecological and social work that our people, our time, our world, [and] our Europe so badly need.”

The Associated Pressnoted that the leftist leader’s speech “is an indication of what’s ahead” as coalitions prepare to jockey over who will lead the government.

“He says he will not negotiate with Macron, and Macron has refused to negotiate with him,” AP added.

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