'Let Them Fight': Desantis And Libs Of TikTok Can't Get Along

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis attacked the infamous Libs of TikTok social media account, operated by right-wing troll Chaya Raichik, on Wednesday, writing, “Truth shouldn’t be a casualty of attempts to generate clicks and engagement farm.”

Was he talking about Libs of TikTok spreading misinformation that led to schools in Oklahoma and California being shut down due to bomb threats? Nope. Was he outraged over the transphobic lies that led to threats against children’s hospitals across the country? Nah. The eyebrow-raising attack on his usually reliable ally came after Libs of TikTok posted the false claim that “Apparently FL also gives illegals drivers licenses!”

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It’s strangely satisfying to see this hate-filled social media account, whose owner was once championed by DeSantis, aim its glib and misinformed fearmongering at the detestable Florida governor. 

DeSantis’ history as a xenophobic, homophobic, and racist politician willing to do anything, no matter how inhumane, in a craven attempt at becoming president is legendary. This is the same Florida governor who budgeted millions of taxpayer dollars to spend on rounding up asylum-seekers in Texas, then fly them in privately owned planes to Massachusetts in order to score political points with a national conservative audience.

Raichik is an equally dreadful person. Her recent bizarre interview with The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz showed that besides being racist and transphobic, she might not be the deepest thinker. And yet, because of extremist leaders like DeSantis, she has ascended the MAGA-leaning Republican Party’s power structure in recent months.

Libs of TikTok posted clarifications to the original post, but the damage was already done. DeSantis’ press secretary Jeremy Redfern jumped into the fray, writing, “This is the problem with posting things on the internet: people take you at your word, regardless of the truth.”

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Right-wing extremists and influencers began bickering in the replies, adding to an abundance of schadenfreude. Famed Pizzagate promoter, and date rape apologist Mike Cernovich tried valiantly to run interference, writing, “WTF? Who posted that, we know it’s not DeSantis himself.”

Right-wing hack and anti-feminist influencer Ashley St. Clair weighed in with some snark, writing, “Pretty insane to put this out when it’s already Community Note’d. I recommend you revoke your account access from the same people who torpedoed your presidential campaign.”

Right-wing troll and Elon Musk simp Ian Miles Cheong tried a can’t-we-all-just-get-along approach, writing, “It was clearly an honest mistake. There’s no need for a personal attack. Chaya issued multiple statements clarifying her remarks.”

It couldn’t happen to more despicable people.

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