Lindsey Graham Excuses Trump's Catch And Kill Scheme: Everybody Does It

Trump lickspittle Sen. Lindsey Graham blew off any concerns that The National Enquirer’s David Pecker paid for catch-and-kill stories in order to help Trump’s presidential campaign. I still want to know what Trump has got on Graham since he did his 180 back when Trump was running the first time.

Here’s Graham’s lame response when CNN’s Dana Bash asked him about Pecker’s testimony this week:

GRAHAM: Apparently, a lot of people do this, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods. No, I think the whole thing is a crock. The statute of limitations has long shut out the misdemeanor cases.

So this liberal prosecutor in Manhattan came up with a federal campaign violation that the state of New York, Southern District of New York, looked at, the Federal Election Commission, looked at, Jack Smith looked at, and decided not to prosecute.

Alvin Bragg took a case that was rejected by the federal government to resurrect these misdemeanors. I think it’s a political hit job on Trump six months before the election. That’s what I think.

BASH: All right, obviously, Tiger Woods is not running for president. And the allegation is about — at least not yet — about campaign…

GRAHAM: Yes. No, I got it. Yes, I think the whole thing is B.S. Yes, I think it’s all B.S, yes, political B.S.

BASH: OK. And just to…

GRAHAM: I’m sorry. Just go.

BASH: No, no, just — and just to underscore something you said earlier, if he is convicted, you will still support him and vote for him?

GRAHAM: Absolutely. I think what’s going on with Donald Trump is weaponization of the law. He’s been prosecuted in Manhattan, one of the deepest blue state — cities in the country, Georgia in Fulton County. Jack Smith is going after Trump, but Clinton and Biden — anyway, I think most people have written this off.

They’re going to focus on their problems, not a bunch of cases brought by liberals against Trump.

Yes, because we all know the only place Trump can ever get a fair trial is in a deep red state with the jury packed full of MAGAs. His cult won’t care if he’s convicted, but recent polling shows it will hurt him with independents.

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