LOL: Alina Habba Thinks Manhattan Is A State. No, Really

We’ve already established here that Trump lawyer Alina Habba is trash. And Habba has established that she’s ridiculously stupid, too. Habba was asked in a relatively recent interview whether she would rather be pretty or smart. She said, “Oh easy, pretty … I can fake being smart.” That’s not true at all. She hasn’t been faking it very well.

And I’d rather be smart because being a smart lawyer means rejecting any possible ties to Donald Trump. The twice-impeached guy who was found liable for sexual abuse is a career-ender. Just ask John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani, among others, about that. So, she’s trash and stupid.

Alina Habba thinks Manhattan is a state. Repeat: One of Trump’s ‘best people’ thinks Manhattan, one of five boroughs in New York, is a state. New York *State is a state, you weirdo. It’s also the former President’s home state.

“He should win, and if he’s given a fair jury, if he’s given a fair court, if he’s not in Manhattan, which is a completely blue state where they only polled blue state members of the jury on purpose, well, that’s a different game,” Ms. Smarty Pants said on Fox News.

She appears to have faked her way through court appearances and on Fox News, where she gets softball questions tossed her way. From the E Jean Carroll case, where she even failed to stand up when making objections, to the present time, where she helps Trump feign being victimized. But she’s good at that, too.

“I don’t like to be spoken to that way,” the Princess told Judge Kaplan in January. “And we are going to be here for several days. I am asking your honor to please refrain from speaking to me in that manner.”

No, really. She said that.

And the trial is in Manhattan because that’s where the alleged crime was committed.

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