LOL: Newsmax Guy Suggests Noem's Editor Was 'A Liberal Plant'

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem tried to say the buck stops with her after Newsmax’s Eric Bolling suggested that perhaps her editor was “a liberal plant.” Incredibly for real people, but not for Republicans, Bolling threw out that conspiracy over the scandal that Noem created by adding in her book that she shot and killed her 14-month-old puppy in a gravel pit. Sure thing, buddy. The liberals did it!

And then there is her other scandal about falsely claiming that she met North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who she says she stared down. She still won’t admit to not meeting Kim and “staring down the tyrant,” but she’s removing that part from her lyin’ book Bolling was there to help Noem out.

Governor, I’ve also written a couple of books, and I know how the process works,” Bolling said. “You write some chapters—you don’t write the whole book at once—you write a chapter or two, you send it to the editors, and they edit.”

“They read it, they add, they subtract, and here’s my question,” he added. “The editor, was she possibly a plant? A liberal plant? Because I’m not sure either one of these stories—the dog story or the North Korea story—seems like the Kristi Noem I know.”

“No, the buck always stops with me,” Noem said heroically. “I take my own full responsibility. I wrote this book, and I take the responsibility for what’s in it. It’s a great book, Eric. I hope everybody reads it and buys it.”

How brave of her to take responsibility for a book she authored. If I roll my eyes any harder, I might have a seizure. Noem did an audio version of her lyin’ book, so she knew what was in it.

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