Louis Tomlinson, 32, Shows Off His Gray Hair at Glastonbury

Louis Tomlinson was spotted embracing his natural gray hair at the Glastonbury Festival on Sunday, June 30.

After a video interview between the 32-year-old singer and the BBC went viral online, fans were quick to notice — and comment on — the unexpected change in his hair color.

“Unfortunate update: i was sadly diagnosed with a condition of loving louis tomlinson and his grey hair too much and to make matters worse it’s uncurable so i have to live with it for the rest of time 🫠,” one fan joked on X, formerly known as Twitter. Another commented, “i was NOT prepared to see Louis Tomlinson with grey hair !!?!??!?! I know we are all getting older but my teen heart is sobbing.”

While many of the comments expressed disbelief over Tomlinson’s gray locks, others were quick to jump to his defense.

“People losing their mind about Louis Tomlinson having grey hair when he still very clearly looks young regardless of his hair ??,” one fan wrote. Another asked, “Why are people so bothered that Louis Tomlinson has grey hair?! Lol.”

Louis Tomlinson Is Embracing His Gray Hair at 32 and Fans Are Taking Notice
Courtesy of Lottie Tomlinson/Instagram

In the BBC interview in question, which was posted to X on Sunday, Tomlinson explained how he brought a TV into the festival to watch the football match between England and Solvakia with his friends (England won the match 2 – 1).

“Well we brought a TV in, very Glasto, in some like stones and a little stand,” he said. “It was a little bit touch and go at times because the signal kept going in and out but yeah, luckily we got the win. We pulled it off.”

Louis Tomlinson Is Embracing His Gray Hair at 32 and Fans Are Taking Notice 2
Courtesy of Lottie Tomlinson/TikTok

The BBC captioned the post, “What a LEGEND! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ⚽ @Louis_Tomlinson brought a TV to #glastonbury to watch the England game. The festival had announced it wouldn’t be screening the match anywhere at Worthy Farm. #onedirection #1D.”

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