Marge Gets Loudly Booed Trying To Vote Speaker Johnson Out

The unlikable and simply terrible Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took to the House demanding a vote to remove Speaker Mike Johnson.

Her chaos did not go over well as members from both party’s catcalled and booed her.

“For what purpose does the gentlewoman from Georgia seek recognition?”

“Rule 9, I seek recognition to give notice to my intent to raise motion of the privileges of the House,” Marge probably did not understanding the rules she’s reading.

“The form of the resolution is as follows. Declaring the office of speaker of the House of Representatives to be vacant…”

Boos rang out around her. She stopped to take in the vitriol.

“This is the uniparty, for the American people watching,” Marge cried pointing outward towards her enemies.

Uniparty, indeed. Bipartisanship is a curse word to Marge.

The Klan Mom QAnon Clown continues to help destroy what’s left of the House Republicans.

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