Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes Full-On 'Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman'

Marjorie Taylor Greene will never think she said anything wrong.

That’s right. If she repeats what she heard throughout her life in CHURCH, she MIGHT be labeled an anti-Semite!

Ya think?

Fundamentalist Christianity, especially in the American South, has the anti-Semitism and white supremacy baked right in. .

She’s gone full Loretta Haggers from the 1976 Norman Lear show, “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”:

A hit on the Dinah Shore show, Loretta was chatting with Miss Shore about how nice everyone had been to her.
And, she added, her eyes wide with innocence, it turned out they were all Jewish.
“I mean I couldn’t believe,” she said of one particularly helpful person, “that his was the people what killed our Lord.”

Marge, like the fictional Loretta, doesn’t know any other kind of “Christianity” than the one that blames the Jews for the death of Jesus Christ. The rest of us remember not only Mary Hartmann, but Adolf Hitler, whose Nazism pretended to stem from that same “Christianity,” the end.

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