Media Pundits: Grow A Spine And Get To Work

The freakout of the media pundit industrial complex continues over the Biden-Trump debate. As the media continue to call for Biden to bow out of the race, the Republicans must be delighted. Once again, the spineless media “strategists” are falling into the trap that Trump and the GOP set for them.

Media pundits, y’all need to grow a spine and get to work instead of crying in your cocktail because Biden messed up a debate.

In the words of Patsy Cline, “People in hell want ice water, but that don’t mean they’ll get it.” Biden is old and might not be your ideal candidate, but don’t let good be the enemy of perfect. Maybe you can quit crying for a minute and listen to a lady who is a hell of a lot wiser than me.

Historian and professor Heather Cox Richardson’s voice of reason is appreciated, especially after the media pundits’ industrial freakout post-debate. In her “Letters from an American” Substack, Richardson wrote:

The proof of Biden’s ability to run the country is the fact that he is running it successfully, not a debate performance against a pathological lying sociopath. A much bigger deal is what it says that the television media and pundits so completely bought into Trump’s performance.

They appear to have accepted Trump’s framing of the event,that he is dominant, so fully that the fact Trump unleashed a flood of lies and non sequiturs simply didn’t register. And since the format established that the CNN journalists running the debate did not challenge anything either candidate said, and Dale’s fact-checking spot came long after the debate ended, the takeaway of the event was a focus on Biden’s age rather than on Trump’s inability to tell the truth or form a coherent thought.

Biden and Harris have been working hard to help people who are not billionaires or Christian Nationalists. Most of the media pundits hold the president to extremely high standards while giving Trump a complete pass. Dig, if you will, the words of former GOP strategist Rick Wilson. Never Trumper Wilson tweeted:

Donald Trump remains an existential threat to democracy, the Republic, the Constitution, and our most fundamental liberties, in addition to being a fraud, a liar, a felon, a degenerate, a sexual assaulter, a global embarrassment, and an ally of evil.

Evil Man With the Orange Tan
The headlines and socials are all about Biden but has anyone noticed the evil man with the orange tan? Trump is a lying liar who lies. Seth Abramson reported that Donald Trump lied every 3.9 seconds he was speaking during the debate on June 27.

Have you read about the far-right extremists Trump is bringing with him if he’s elected again? These guys want to turn America into a real-life episode of The Handmaid’s Tale and they’re calling it Project 2025. We’ve summarized and put a lot the Project 2025 links in one place. Don’t read this before bedtime or you’ll be up all night.

Speaking of evil? Even Newt Gingrich believes Biden Is doing a great job. Business Insider reported that Gingrich said, “Conservatives’ hostility to the Biden administration on our terms tends to blind us to just how effective Biden has been on his terms.

A Few of President Biden’s Many Accomplishments

Brought Back Respect to the United States on the World Stage
Pew Research reported on the global view of Joe Biden compared to Donald Trump. At the end of the Trump presidency, ratings for the United States were at or near historic lows in most countries. Global views of America improved significantly under President Biden.

Global Leader’s View of Biden vs Trump
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz praised President Biden after the G7 Summit on June 15, calling him “one of the most experienced politicians in the world.” According to Politico, Scholz said, “Joe Biden is very clear, who knows exactly what he is doing and who is one of the most experienced politicians in the world, especially when it comes to international politics.”

The former Prime Minister of Australia gave a very different review of Trump’s performance as president.

Wage Growth in the Middle and Bottom for First Time in Decades
The New Republic reported that Biden has overseen a stronger economy than Trump, and it’s not even close.

U.S. Economy Outpaces China for First Time in 40 Years
The Wall Street Journal reported China’s economy has slipped to 64% of the size of the U.S. Economy under President Joe Biden. For the first time in 40 years, the U.S. economy is outpacing China’s.

Trump and the GOP love to say they will “Drill Baby Drill.” But under Biden 2023, the United States’ energy production is breaking records.

Speaking of Project 2025, @tarajiphenson is spreading the word about Trump’s plan to take America into the dark ages. Maybe you pundits should report on Project 2025 instead of Biden’s age?

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