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2024 being a leap yr., the exact middle of the yr. will be at noon today. And the Mets finally played their 81st game yesterday, so everyone’s season is half-done. All downhill from here!!

A GLASS OF WINE ON THE PORCH notices some abject bee ess published by Newsweek about Taylor Swift not breeding.

Tom Sullivan at Hullabaloo examines the (damaged) military mind w/ help from The NYT. Reminder: No matter what you hear, the military does not protect your “freedoms” from foreigners. Threats to our “freedoms” are entirely internal, & come from our fellow Americans, as documented by the Christian Right Observer Weekly!

Dr. Suess vs. the Nazis. More proof that everything old is new again, to coin a cliché, as proved at Juanita Jean’s.

Bonus: Hackwhackers quotes Hellman.

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