Navarro Loses Bid To Stay Out Of Prison During Contempt Appeal

Peter Navarro probably thought he was going to cruise away from his four-month prison sentence while he appeals, just like Steve Bannon has. The two have been convicted of contempt of Congress for thumbing their noses at a subpoena from the Jan. 6 committee.

But Navarro, whose case is under a different judge from Bannon’s, did not receive a stay.

From Associated Press:

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta said that Navarro must report to serve his sentence when ordered by the Bureau of Prisons, unless Washington’s federal appeals court steps in to block Mehta’s order. The judge said Navarro hasn’t shown that any of the issues he will raise on appeal are “substantial” questions of law.

Among other things, Navarro has argued that his prosecution was motivated by political bias, but Mehta said Navarro had offered “no actual proof” to support that claim.

“Defendant’s cynical, self-serving claim of political bias poses no question at all, let alone a ‘substantial’ one,” wrote Mehta, who was appointed to the federal court in Washington by President Barack Obama.


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