NC Republican Drops Out Of Runoff After Trump Endorses Her Opponent

The Republican Party is Donald J. Trump. That’s all you have to know when you join the cult of personality.

According to the FEC, Daughtry had raised $4.4mil to Knott’s $1.5mil and finished first in the March 5 primary with 27.4% of the vote to Knott’s 18.7% in the crowded 14-candidate field. All were hoping to replace Democrat Wiley Nickel, who is retiring after North Carolina Republicans redrew the district map, making it unwinnable for a Democrat.

The May 14 Republican runoff will go ahead as planned, with both Daughtry and Knott on the ballot, as Daughtry failed to secure the 30% or more needed to avoid a runoff.

Source: Raleigh News & Observer

In a surprise election twist, a candidate running for Congress is suspending her campaign as voters have already headed to the polls to cast their ballots in the May 14 Republican runoff.

Kelly Daughtry announced Thursday that she would no longer run to represent North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District. She endorsed her opponent, Brad Knott.

She said in a written statement that she wanted to be transparent and honest with her team, supporters and voters, and that an endorsement of Knott from former President Donald Trump made it impossible for her to win the runoff.

“Brad Knott will be the Republican nominee on May 14th,” Daughtry said, in a written statement. “I extend my congratulations to him and wish him well. Brad has my full endorsement, and I want him to know that I am here to support him, not to oppose him. It is time we bring the Republican Party together.” Knott thanked Daughtry, in a written statement, for her endorsement and commended her for her willingness to unite the Republican Party.

Once Trump called Daughtry a “RINO” who wouldn’t play ball if they needed to steal an election the die was cast.

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