Nicky Hilton Reveals Her Son’s Name for 1st Time: I've ‘Always Liked’ It

Nicky Hilton played hostess at her Spring Shopping Soiree, featuring bestsellers from the designer’s Nicky Hilton x French Sole line on Friday, March 15 at the Hilton family home in Bel Air.
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Nicky Hilton and husband James Rothschild’s youngest child is almost 2 years old — and she’s finally ready to share his name with Us Weekly.

Hilton, 40, exclusively told Us that her son’s name is Chasen. “We always liked the name, and it was unusual,” she said of the moniker.

Hilton gushed to Us about Chasen’s recent milestones during her Spring Shopping Soiree, featuring bestsellers from the designer’s Nicky Hilton x French Sole line on Friday, March 15.

“He’s trying to talk. He’s saying lots of words, but no full sentences yet,” Hilton said. “He’s so sweet and his big sisters adore him.”

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Kathy Hilton and husband Rick Hilton’s brood has gotten larger since their children began welcoming babies. Nicky Hilton was the couple’s first child to become a parent when she and husband James Rothschild welcomed daughter Lily-Grace in July 2016. The pair expanded their brood with daughter Teddy and son Chasen, who were born in December 2017 […]

Hilton revealed that she “can’t believe that he’s going to be entering preschool in the fall,” calling her son “my little baby.”

The mom of three — who also shares daughters Lily-Grace, 7, and Theodora “Teddy” Marilyn, 6, with Rothschild, 38 — noted that having two girls before welcoming her son in June 2022 has been a blessing.

“They love him. Zero jealousy. They just dote over him,” she shared, explaining, “I’m very lucky that all of my children get along extremely well. The girls have their occasional bickering, but everyone gets along.”


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Hilton, who wed Rothschild in 2015, revealed that all of her kids have very unique personalities.

“I think my youngest, Teddy, [is] definitely more girly and feminine,” she told Us, noting that at Teddy’s school skating party she was the “only student in a pink sequin dress.”

Hilton pointed out that her eldest daughter, Lily-Grace, is “more like me, a little more quiet and reserved.” Chasen, however, is just “like his dad,” she teased, “He’s very, very serious. It’s so cute.”

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While all the kids have their own independent spirits, Hilton told Us they’re all mutually “excited” for Easter, which they plan to celebrate in Los Angeles with her mom and dad, Kathy and Rick Hilton, as well as her famous siblings.

“Holidays are such a huge thing for my family. My mother celebrates. She decorates the house for every holiday — St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter,” Nicky revealed. “So Easter’s very big in our family. I’ve already started collecting items for the Easter baskets. That’s always fun.”

Ahead of the family festivities, Nicky hosted the spring fashion event at the Hiltons Bel Air, California, estate on Friday, to showcase her favorite flats from the collection.

“We’re just launching some first spring styles and invited some of my designer friends just to come for a little intimate shopping celebration,” Nicky told Us of the special gathering.

The new line features “lots of Easter egg colors,” including her “favorite” mint green color, which she named after her sister-in-law Tessa.

“I like naming all the shoes and my collection after family members [and] women that I admire,” Nicky dished, noting there are designs named after her mom, her daughter Teddy, and a leopard patterned slip-on in honor of her sister, Paris Hilton.

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