Our Media Aren't Actually Required To Be Republican Pawns

Our media talks about democracy dying in darkness. And then they turn off the lights. To say they’ve been a disappointment would be like saying a massive earthquake is “a shame.”

But Jim Defede apparently didn’t get the script–and thank God for that. Cliff Schecter takes this interview, where Defede absolutely hammers MAGA Rep. Salazar (FL) for taking credit for funds provided by bills she voted against, and uses it as a jumping off point to rip the crap out of our media overall, and make it clear that if a CBS Florida reporter can do this, there is no excuse for Kristin Welker, among others. (Scarce shared the specific clip of the Defede/Salazar encounter at C&L this week.)

Schecter–who spent time in the belly of the beast as the “liberal” paid contributor at Sinclair Broadcast, points out the subtle tricks Salazar tries to use and the patently absurd bs she’s shoveling. His analysis takes a great clip and makes it even better.

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