Pillow Salesman Says All Biden Democrats He Knows Are Voting For Trump

Mike Lindell was a great American success story, coming from nothing to owning a successful business. From being a crack addict to earning millions from his flourishing business. And then he threw it all away for Donald J. Trump, a raging narcissist, possibly a sociopath, who is hungry for power.

The pillow salesman is looking rough these days. Lindell spoke at Trump’s rally in Wisconsin and wants you to believe that every Democratic Biden voter he has spoken to is going to vote for Trump in November. This is just a lie.

“And one of the things I’ve been doing is going and talking to Democrats,” the pillow salesman said. “You’d be surprised. All the ones that I’ve talked to that voted for Biden are voting for Donald Trump.”

He also said that Trump, who is facing 91 felonies, is a “bucket of common sense.”

He threw it all away:

I’m sure most of us know more Democrats than Lindell has. First of all, they would never talk to Lindell. That’s like offering to go to a psych ward to speak to a random mental patient. And that would be better. At least the patient knows they need help. Lindell is more like the drunk guy down on the corner who waves his dick around, but doesn’t realize why people avoid him.

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