Pramila Jayapal Whacks Fox Over Trump's Cognitive Decline

I was happy to see a member of Congress give this sort of response to the Fox stalkers that they’ve sent out to shove microphones in their faces, concern trolling over whether President Biden is in “cognitive decline,” which they’ve all been in full blown freakout mode over ever since Biden’s poor debate performance which was aided and abetted by CNN.

Here’s Rep. Pramila Jayapal when asked by a Fox “reporter” whether she thinks “it’s okay to have a president where there’s this open question about whether or not he’s in cognitive decline?”

JAYAPAL: Do you think it was okay to have Trump in cognitive decline for his entire four years?

Trump is still out there bragging about passing his dementia test, and anyone that watches him at these cult rallies knows his cognitive decline has done nothing but continue to worsen since he left office.

Jayapal’s response was played as part of a montage on Hannity’s show, and he had plenty to say about some of the others, but was silent on what she had to say about Trump.

Here are some of the very appropriate responses to her burn on Xitter:

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