Raskin Warns 'Industry Deceit' Delayed Climate Progress

Rep. Jamie Raskin slammed the petroleum industry yesterday as he pointed to experts who described Big Oil’s “pattern of lying and evasion” that has “set the country back decades” in its ability to address climate change. Not that the people who need to pay attention ever will, of course. Via HuffPost:

“Instead of acting like Paul Revere and sounding the alarm about climate change, they acted like Maleficent the evil fairy in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and cursed everyone to try to go to sleep for 100 years,” said Raskin during a Senate Budget Committee hearing.

Raskin’s remarks came after that committee and the House Oversight Committee released a 65-page report following a three-year investigation into oil and gas companies’ “evolving efforts to avoid accountability for climate change.”

The Maryland Democrat described calling a House Oversight hearing in 2019 where scientists and experts testified that the companies “knew” that burning fossil fuels caused climate change as early as 1959.

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