Rep. Crockett Explains Who’s Really Not Fit For Presidency

Crockett got to what is really at the heart of the 2024 presidential election: sanity. While Biden has always been a gaffe machine, sexual predator and Hitler channeler Trump is playing footsie with Russia to the point of saying he’d abandon NATO and possibly encourage Russia to attack a NATO country.

In other words, there shouldn’t even be any question as to which man is qualified to be president.

CROCKETT: Listen, this is absolutely ridiculous that we’re even talking about the candidacy of a Donald Trump, someone who we know was always playing around with Russia, someone who encouraged the interference with our domestic elections in the first place. And the fact that he has not learned his lesson from losing his election, from his very ridiculous and dangerous rhetoric, tells us everything that we need to know.

I truly don’t understand how and why anyone can see that this guy is a viable candidate. We are talking about someone that literally may start World War Three. It is just that deep. So, for everyone that thinks that they are now an expert in foreign policy, I need you to look up what happens when we don’t do what we’re supposed to do for our NATO countries. If you’re going to be a foreign policy expert. Don’t just be an expert in the Middle East. Become an expert in all of foreign policy and understand how dangerous this guy is.

Hear, hear.

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