Rep. Ted Lieu Urges Voters Not To Vote Against Self Interests

In an interview with Mathew Littman of MeidasTouch, Rep. Ted Lieu had something to say to Democrats who are planning to stay home this important election year.

“I ask you, Congressman, right off the bat: democracy is on the ballot this year. What is the single biggest threat you see on the horizon?” Littman said.

“I’ll give you two. The first is voter apathy, and the second are voters voting against their own self interests,” Lieu said.

“In terms of apathy, if voters don’t turn out to vote, then Donald Trump could win and he will potentially destroy America as we know it.

“And then voters who vote against their own self interests: If you’re progressive and liberal, and you think voting for Donald Trump or not voting at all is all gonna help when he appoints more Supreme Court justices next term and makes the Supreme Court even more to the right, I don’t know how that helps any of your interests.”

He urged voters to take a pause, think about their own self interests, “and then I think Democrats will prevail.”

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