Republican Congressman Begs Manhattan Jurors To Acquit Trump

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds threw his hat in the ring big-time to be Trump’s VP pick when he demanded Manhattan residents that sit on the jury in Trump’s hush money trial acquit him without even hearing any evidence.

The Florida Republican attacked Manhattan citizens and its law enforcement officials as hacks and political operatives.

I don’t expect this judge or this D.A. to try and actually do the right thing under the law. So my plea is to the people of Manhattan that may sit on this trial, please do the right thing for this country.

Everybody’s allowed to have their political viewpoints, but the law is supposed to be blind and no respecter of persons.

This is a trash case.

There is no crime here.

And if there is any potential for a verdict, they should vote not guilty.

Not guilty, motherf**kers!

UPDATE: Apparently this is the talking point Republicans are going with: Jury nullification

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