Republican Lawmaker Calls Female Pilot ‘Stewardess’ During Hearing

Minnesota GOP State Senator Gene Dornink called Laura Haynor, a commercial pilot who was invited to testify on behalf of the largest pilot union in the world, a “stewardess.”

Although this came out last week, it went viral yesterday.

Source: The Independent

A Republican Minnesota lawmaker mistakenly called a female pilot a “stewardess” during a discussion on sick and safe time in the state.

Laura Haynor, a first officer for Delta Air Lines and an Air Line Pilots Association member, was giving evidence in the state’s Senate when she was questioned by Gene Dornink, senator of District 27.

Mr Dornink said: “So, can you tell me what a typical week, work week looks like for you as a stewardess?”

Ms Haynor replied: “I’m a first officer for Delta.”

Mr Dornink immediately apologised after his mistake was pointed out.

Yeah, I bet Senator Dornink regrets his newfound notoriety too. “I don’t know why I said that.” Yes you do.

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