Republicans Gear Up For The Big Lie, 2024 Chaos Edition

After his bonkers Time magazine interview, Trump continued his insistance of “heads I win, tails you lost” about Wisconsin. Via Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Donald Trump said he may not accept the 2024 election results in Wisconsin, a key battleground state in his matchup with President Joe Biden, leaving open the possibility of post-election turmoil.

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Wednesday, Trump said that if he doesn’t believe the result in November’s election was legitimate, “you have to fight for the right of the country.”

And of course we have Eric’s wife in her new role at the RNC, gearing up to go to war:

Facebook has the ability to block these groups, and hasn’t done it. Why?

The once-mainstream conservative Heritage Foundation now keeps up a steady drumbeat of the crazy:

You know, because NYC and DC were ever going to vote for Trump.

I remind you of all this because once again, it’s working:

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