Rishi Sunak Appoints 'Minister For Common Sense'

After sacking the universally despised Suella Braverman as Home Secretary, the British Prime Minister offered this fig leaf to the far right with his appointment of former television host Esther McVey. Although officially she’ll be known as minister without portfolio, her real role has been dubbed the “minister for common sense,” as her brief includes tackling the scourge of wokism.

And if all this sounds like something from The Onion or Monty Python then you should be advised that conservatives everywhere suffer from the same mental malady as they do in the United States.

Source: Indy100

In a dramatic reshuffle from Rishi Sunak which saw a shock return to frontline politics for David Cameron, GB News host Esther McVey has returned to cabinet in a role dubbed the “minister for common sense”.

Considered an appeal to the right of the Conservative Party after the sacking of Suella Braverman as home secretary, McVey’s brief is understood to relate to tackling “wokery”.

A Whitehall source is quoted by The Sun as saying McVey will be “leading the charge on the government’s anti-woke agenda, streamlining as a minister attending the cabinet”.

‘Woke’ officially means to be ‘alert to injustice in society’, but has been adopted by hard-right to belittle social justice causes – according to Braverman, the “wokerati” enjoy eating tofu.

The Exploding Heads with their helpful list of all things woke in the UK.

A laughing stock indeed.

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