Rubio Echos Trump's Racist Remarks On 'Black Jobs'

The Felon managed to slam migrants and Black Americans at the same time. Florida suckup Sen. Marco Rubio tried to explain the former President’s remark, saying, “You know what he meant,” and that’s a go-to line for Trumpers. They always have to explain what the addlebrained Felon meant.

“What is a black job?” Rubio is asked.

“First of all, you know what he meant by that, okay?” the Florida Republican insisted. “He meant jobs that are filled by African Americans in America and others, Americans in general, but the question in specific was about Black voters.”

No, Marco, we don’t know what he meant.

Just look at this fool:

Xitter users weighed in.

What he said:

Thanks, Marco and Lumpy, for firing up the Black vote — for Biden.

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