Speaker Johnson Wants Congress To Interfere In Trump’s Criminal Trials

Just as disturbing as Johnson’s anti-Americanism was how he pretended it’s in the name of the law. First, he showed contempt for our trial and jury system by declaring, in the middle of Trump’s first criminal trial and before three others, that “President Trump has done nothing wrong and he continues to be the target of endless lawfare.”

Worse, Johnson threatened to interfere with the process: “It has to stop and you’re going to see the United States Congress address this in every possible way that we can because we need accountability,” Johnson said. So much for the separation of powers in our Constitution!

“Ultimately at the end of the day, it’s bigger than President Trump,” Johnson added. In other words, accountability to Dear Leader Trump, not for him is Johnson’s idea of justice. And, by the way, Mr. Super Duper Christian? Your (presumably) favorite pu**y grabber is the former president, despite your best efforts to help him steal the election.

Johnson continued, “It’s about the people’s faith in our system of justice and we’re gonna get down to the bottom of it. All these cases need to be dropped because they are a threat to our entire system.”

Actually, it’s Johnson and his MAGA fascism that are a threat to our entire system. In case the above doesn’t convince you, he suggested he’s willing to try to steal the election again if Republicans and Dear P***y Grabber don’t take control of the whole government the legal way. “Our objective and our mission is to save the country,” Johnson claimed, “and in my view, if we don’t grow the House majority and we don’t retake the Senate for the Republican Party and the White House, then I think we’re facing very serious threats to our republic. I’ll put it that way.”

I’ll put it another way: The Republican speaker of the House and the second in line to the presidency is a declared enemy of our democracy. Period.

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