Steve Bannon Heckled 'Lock Him Up' As He Goes To Jail

On his way to prison, Steve Bannon was joined by Marjorie Taylor Green because of course he was.

As they gave a quick presser, the two MAGAts were shouted down by onlookers happy to see him go to jail.

Bannon tried to make himself look like a political prisoner, a victim over his political beliefs, but the fact is, he was involved in some fashion orchestrating the attack on the US Capitol and refused to answer questions under subpoena. That is why he’s going to jail.

There was a cacophony of chatter as the Klan mom and Bannon began speaking, but around the minute mark, one woman stood out majestically.

STEVE BANNON: I’m not going to go into a house subpoena for contempt, held in contempt, was Ray Lardner Jr. Back in the 1940s, during the House Un-American Activity Investigation, Columbia Studio fired him because of his political beliefs.

And then he was found guilty. They sent him to the DOJ. He was sent to prison.

Bannon was not prosecuted by an anti-commie conspiracy. He was found guilty in a court of law.

We’re with the protestors bringing a very clear and loud repeat of “Lock him up!”

That chant annoyed the hell out of this scumbag, who appeared surprised someone was shouting down his own words. Heh.

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