Style a Console Table With These 5 Essential Decor Pieces

Over a year ago, we published a blog article called “What’s The Difference?? A Huge Dive Into The Credenza, Sideboard, Buffet, Console, and Media Stand” because what really is the difference? We all tend to use these terms synonymously, but after hours of research, we put together some definitions for you. Specifically, a console table placed in an entry is called an entry table, and if it’s placed behind a sofa, it’s called a sofa table. Simple enough, right? If you care to get into the semantics, check out this post, but if you’re wondering how to style a console table (or whatever you decide to call it), stay put for some tips!

Console tables are extremely versatile pieces of furniture that can enhance both the style and functionality of any room. Whether placed in your entryway, living space, or behind a sofa, a console table is always an opportunity to layer in your personal style and add some visual depth and interest to any space. There’s no wrong way to style a console table, but I do have five essential decor pieces I like to use. I’ll show you!

1. Add Height With a Mirror or Artwork

tips on styling a console table

Wood Console Table (similar) | Wall Mirror | Lamp (similar) | Woven Vase (similar) | Faux Stems | Coffee Table Books | Woven Ottoman | Basket | 3-Wick Candle

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To create a focal point and add height to the space, you can consider hanging a piece of artwork or a mirror above the console table. However, I’m partial to mirrors because they reflect light around the room and create the illusion of more space! If you’re styling a console table in your front entryway and don’t have a mirror, consider adding one above the table. Because, as covered in a different post, Every Front Entryway Needs a Mirror.

2. Layer in Some Coffee Table Books

how to style a console table

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In my opinion, coffee table books are sorely underrated as essential decor. Not only do they provide a glimpse into your interests and passions, but they also serve as functional design elements. Hello, versatility. I like to stack them neatly and use them as a base for other decor items like candles and small frames. At this point, I have quite the collection going and I don’t plan to pair back any time soon.

3. Style a Console Table With a Lamp

style a console table with a lamp

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As discussed in this post, every room needs at least three sources of light (ambient, task, & accent), so check one of those boxes by adding a table lamp atop your console table. A pretty table lamp double dips in functionality and aesthetics, especially with a 2700 Kelvin bulb, which is my personal favorite for a soft, romantic mood. This is also a great way to add a variation of height to your console table decor.

Pro tip: Automate your task lighting with Alexa devices and smart bulbs so you can say, “Alexa, turn on the lights in the bedroom,” or “Alexa, it’s lamp-o-clock.” These are the golden years, baby.

4. Don’t Forget The Greenery

add a vase and stems to a console table

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Bring some life to your console table with a beautiful vase and some faux stems or fresh clippings from the yard or (if we’re being practical) Trader Joe’s. I love swapping my stems from season to season to keep my home feeling fresh and inviting. See my favorite fall branches and spring branches.

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5. Other Decorative Objects

decorative objects on a console table

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Once you’ve decorated with all the essentials, it’s time to layer in a few decorative objects. A decorative tray, bowl, or box can corral smaller items plus add a layer of organization. Additionally, sculptures or art objects can express your personal style and serve as excellent conversation starters. These finishing touches might seem like “extra,” but I promise they’ll make your styled console table look “complete.”

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If you’re realizing you need a console table… well, look no further! We’ve got a console table for every budget, sorted by price from low to high. As you can see, console tables are pretty versatile with how they’re used and where they’re placed – perfect for hallways, entryways, dining rooms, living rooms, and, of course, behind sofas.

45 ROUND UPS 4 1
  1. Landers 3 Drawer Console $191
  2. Burled Wood Console Table $300
  3. Sorrento Console Table $401
  4. Stratford End Table $421
  5. Jordan Console Table $749
  6. Folsom Console Table $799
  7. Bixby Bronze Cast Aluminum Console Table $899
  8. Modern Farmhouse Rectangular Console Table $1,299
  9. Merle Console Table $1,599
  10. Benchwright Grand Console Table $1,699
  11. Pieter Console $2,400
  12. Mia Dark Walnut Sideboard $5,158

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