Super Bowl Snacks (Julia’s Version)

Jules has a few dietary restrictions (mostly gluten- and dairy-free), but that’s ever stopped our family from indulging in our favorite foods. With a little creativity and a lot of taste-testing, I’ve found lots of great substitutes that are crowd-pleasers. No need to make any disclaimers on these Game Day snacks — your party people won’t be able to tell the difference between my nachos and the “real thing.”


These are a weeknight staple in our house (because they’re so easy), but you can dress ’em up for the big game with all of the toppings.


Better than Buffalo Chicken Dip, this snack-a-tizer has a subtle heat and a ton of flavor. It’s the kind of dip that’s so good that everyone stands around it until it’s gone.


Sweet and tangy, these are the wings of my dreams. Pro tip: Grill (or bake) or wings before smothering them in this awesome sauce. The sugar won’t burn off, and you’ll be left with a killer (finger-licking) flavor.

IMG 8209

An Air Fryer is an awesome method for crisping up some chicken wings, and lime + cilantro is a glaze everyone goes for. This one is slightly unexpected, so if you’re bringing something to the party — surprise them with these.


Crispy beef, creamy guac, simple toppings. Best of all, this handheld snack can be downed in two or three bites, so you’re free for celebratory high fives.


These are tender and tangy and easily speared with a toothpick. This is a great hot app to pass around when the chips are getting low.


There’s a formula to this. A playbook, if you will. Make sure all of the key players are present and accounted for. (There are plenty of gluten-free crackers and dairy-free cheeses to populate a board, but a sampler like this can have something for everyone.)


This hummus is better than anything you can buy at the store, and you can put it together on a commercial break.


If you have a flat-top grill or a griddle, you have to burger this way. It’s just crispier and juicier than a regular burger — and therefore, far superior. Don’t skimp on the seasoning, the sauce, or the pickles, please. (Swap in vegan cheddar for the win.)

keto coconut shrimp thumb

I started making these in my Keto Era and continue making them to this day because they’re gluten-, grain-, and dairy-free. Oh, and they’re delicious. Also, the Creole Cocktail Sauce is so good, you’ll wish you’d made more shrimp.


I started making these around the holidays because they felt “fancy,” but they’re so easy to make, and our family requests these at almost everything gathering. Pickled peppers meet creamy “cheese” and crispy bacon… it’s the bite everyone is talking about.


Sticky, crunchy, salty, sweet. This treat is such a fan favorite, you’re going to want to get your own bowl 🙂

061A4895 scaled

I never met a deviled egg I didn’t like. — But I probably think about this smoked salmon-infused topping about once a week. Serve these babies on butter lettuce cups for a little crunch.


I love to serve meatballs at a party. They’re a warm, “heavy” app that are filling and satisfying and tasty to boot. I make mine with a smoke marinara for that killer grill flavor, but you can sauce ’em up however you want. Just don’t forget those little forks 😉


If you’re going to make crab dip — go all out. I make these dips as a trio: Classic Cold “Cream Cheese” Crab Dip, Baked Buffalo Crab Dip, and Crab Guacamole. (Shh! Everyone will be debating over which is their favorite that they won’t notice you swapped out the dairy.)

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