Tag Team: Raskin & Moskowitz Humiliate CLUELESS LIAR Comer

James Comer’s so pathetic, so easily owned by Jared Moskowitz & Jamie Raskin, it really makes you wonder if he has an actual fetish for rhetorically getting his ass kicked.

It just leaked that his so-called “impeachment” inquiry–began based on Russian disinformation (which he almost certainly knew)–is ending, yet he keeps threatening to impeach Biden, which is taken as seriously as one kid telling another, “My dad’s gonna beat up your dad!”

In this clip, put together by Cliff Schecter, you can actually hear laughter as Comer threatens impeachment yet again. Meanwhile, Rep. Jared Moskowitz should win an Oscar for sarcasm, as he tries to “help Comer get through this” with “therapy.” There’s much more like this. Then Raskin finishes him off by mocking and insulting his entire exercise of wasting months trying to impeach Joe Biden based on garbage.

It’s hilarious. Watch the video and subscribe to Cliff’s channel for more content like this!

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