The Book You Should Read Next, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Anyone else set lofty reading goals at the beginning of the year and then find yourself paralyzed by decision fatigue and not knowing what to pick up next? Or perhaps you’ve just read the best book of your life and have no idea what to pick up next. Or maybe, you simply haven’t read a book in a while and are looking for something to strike your fancy. Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking for book recommendations but aren’t sure where to start, your zodiac sign might hold the answer. After consulting the stars, I’ve selected the perfect next read for you, based on your zodiac sign. Your new favorite book awaits.


books to read zodiac

S.T. Gibson

For the adventurous Aries, what could be better than a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first chapter?

When Laurel starts attending classes at Saint Perpetua’s College, she soon realizes there’s more to her mysterious professors and classmates than meets the eye. As she studies poetry in class, she forms a close friendship with Carmilla. She’s beautiful, smart, and just like Laurel, absolutely adores their professor, De Lafontaine. With each class, Laurel becomes closer to Carmilla, until, eventually, she realizes she’s developing feelings for her classmate, who De Lafontaine seems to have a dark obsession with. Filled with twists and turns and plenty of head-over-heels passion any Aries would love, this book is for those who want to dive head-first into a great fantasy. Dark academia lovers, unite.


books to read zodiac

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Tauruses are ambitious and typically the in-the-know person of the friend group, so of course, they’d be feeding into the movie of the summer by reading a book about the very sport featured in Challengers—tennis.

Similarly, this book combines love, a cutthroat female main character, and passion for the sport. Carrie Soto built a career by smashing every tennis record she could and tirelessly, almost mechanically, working at her craft each day. After years on the courts, she retires as a tennis legend.  Determined to reclaim her title after one of her records is broken, she comes out of retirement to find that protecting her pride might mean showing a more vulnerable side to fellow athlete Bowe Huntley. Tauruses will be able to appreciate Carrie’s ambition but also relate to the story’s more romantic elements.


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Curtis Sittenfeld

Geminis are one of the most clever signs of the zodiac, so they’d definitely appreciate the brains of protagonist Sally Milz in this humorous rom-com.

The story follows the daily life of Sally, a writer on the hilarious live-comedy show The Night Owls, as she observes a seemingly unseen phenomenon among her coworkers. Every male writer somehow always seems to end up with the most beautiful, accomplished woman, while she herself felt forced to swear off love after a series of romances met their unfortunate endings. But not long after, popstar Noah Brewster guest stars on the show, and Sally can’t shake the feeling that he’s flirting with her. But a guy like him would never go for a girl like her… right? Geminis appreciate the funny little things in life, so why not pick up a book that will make you laugh?


zodiac books to read

Sophie Gonzales

Cancers, I’ll come out and say it: Y’all are a little sappy. I’ve never met a Cancer who didn’t love a rom-com, and I have yet to meet someone who’s told me they didn’t like this book.

Darcy Phillips runs her own advice service—think Carrie in Sex and the City except in high school and with more socially awkward teens. As a self-proclaimed love expert but mainly a businesswoman, Darcy collects letters from her classmates and anonymously responds to their questions, whether they’re about an impending breakup or their own sexuality. But when love-stumped jock Brougham catches her receiving letters out of the locker meant for this surprisingly lucrative service, she agrees to be his dating coach. One huge party, several mishaps, and a few cute not-dates later, Darcy definitely has some feelings for Brougham… as well as her best friend, Brooke. For the Cancers in search of a light, easy read, I’ve got you covered.


books to read zodiac

R.F. Kuang

When it comes to Leos, you can’t ignore their drive and ambition in everything they do, so a fast-paced story about one’s rising stardom seems right up their alley, right? Well, with Yellowface, this story of an up-and-coming author has a dark twist—one that I’m sure a creative Leo can appreciate.

When June, an aspiring author, witnesses writer Athena Liu’s death, she has a lightbulb moment. Maybe, just maybe, she can reach her career goals by taking Athena’s work and claiming it as her own. A few edits and a rebrand later, she’s soon recognized as the mastermind behind a well-written novel on the contributions of Chinese laborers during World War I. Well, as luck would have it, everything that can go wrong does go wrong. This book is perfect for Leos who love dark humor.


books to read zodiac

Deanna Grey

Virgos love to choose practicality rather than lead with their emotions. But, just like most other signs of the Zodiac, they can’t resist a good love story. For the hardworking, ambitious Virgos, Outdrawn is a reminder that sometimes, you can have both work and play.

When Noah Blue’s hard work finally lands her with partial control of Queen Leisah, a mainstream webcomic sure to be an instant hit, she’s ecstatic. Her creative partner, Sage Montgomery, doesn’t quite feel the same way. Sage, who remembers Noah as a less talented artist who wouldn’t leave her alone back in school, wanted to take this project on herself. Unhappy with this arrangement and somewhat angry at each other, Sage and Noah must find a way to make a successful webcomic. But soon, their rivalry turns to flirtation… but will their individual ambitions get in the way of their love?


books to read zodiac

Emily Henry

Libras are big fans of love, but they also value balance. So, a mix of humor, a substantial plot, and a great romance is the ideal book for this sign of the Zodiac.

As a libra and fan of Emily Henry, I had to get Funny Story as soon as it was available for pre-order. The story follows a newly heartbroken Daphne as she begins a new chapter after breaking things off with her fiancé, Peter. Turns out, he actually wanted to marry his childhood best friend, Petra. Strapped for cash, Daphne faces the reality that she really needs a roommate. And who better than her ex’s new fiancée’s ex, Miles? Soon, the two hatch a plan to make it look like they’re having the most romantic summer of their lives. As a sucker for a fake dating trope, I was delighted that this book had it all, tattooed golden retriever boyfriend included.


books to read zodiac

Jessica George

Scorpios have a reputation for being one of the most intense signs of the Zodiac, so a book that explores all sorts of life’s ups and downs is definitely for this sign.

When Maddie’s mom, who spends the majority of her time away from London and in Ghana, returns home, Maddie decides it’s finally time to spread her wings and get out of the house. After all, she feels so sheltered living at home, where she cares for her father, and leaves only to go to work in an environment in which she’s the only Black employee. And at first, leaving her family home has all its joys—she experiences after-work drinks and many firsts in the world of romance. But when she’s confronted with tragedy, she realizes she must learn to coexist with her unconventional family.


books to read zodiac

Ream Shukairy

Every Sagittarius I know is naturally curious, always looking for ways to solve a problem or unveil the culprit before the detective can in their favorite crime show. Well, this edge-of-your-seat novel told from multiple perspectives will be right up their alley.

When six Muslim teens are falsely accused of a deadly attack, they must free themselves of suspicion by framing each other for the crime none of them committed. From an aspiring doctor to the perfect daughter, each of them has their own secrets to hide, and their own reasons for being enraged with the system. Each character is well-developed and draws you in until you become attached. This story of injustice also has a major twist, so if you’re looking for a gripping story, this novel is a real page-turner.


books to read zodiac

Swati Teerdhala

Capricorns are hardworking and disciplined, but if you ask me, everyone needs a little break to tune out and enjoy a cute story. This cute rom-com will have any Capricorn smiling and kicking their feet as they turn the page.

Geared toward the Jenny Han fans out there, this story follows the high antics of Deepa, a high schooler who really, truly just wants a boyfriend already. Unfortunately, she hasn’t met a guy who meets her seemingly endless list of expectations for the perfect boyfriend. But, when she wishes upon a flower gifted to her by her grandmother, her dream guy moves into her neighborhood. Determined to seal the deal, Deppa quickly gets to know her handsome new neighbor, Rohit, all while dodging snarky remarks from her arch nemesis, Vik. Do I sense a love triangle trope coming on?


books to read zodiac

Etaf Rum

Aquarians are known for being intellectuals. This sign will love a book that informs them about other places or cultures while also telling a captivating story.

Yara has built the life she always wanted. She’s married to a dashing entrepreneur, lives in the suburbs, and raises their two daughters—in other words, her life is a far cry from the one her conservative Palestinian mother led. But, when Yara impulsively responds to a colleague’s racist remarks, her life starts to fall apart, and she slowly becomes more isolated than ever. Forced to reckon with her Palestinian heritage in the South, Yara scrambles to figure out how she can preserve her job at the local college while still being the exemplary mother and wife.


books to read zodiac

Abby Jimenez

As one of the most emotionally aware signs, Pisces is no stranger to getting lost in a daydream or delighting in meet cutes. For those in search of a small-town romance vibe, look no further.

Alexis Montgomery has a lot to live up to: Her wealthy parents expect her to carry on the family legacy of well-respected surgeons, and her life in the big city makes everything seem like there’s no slowing down. So, when she entertains a romance with fling Daniel Grant, a small-town carpenter with a baby goat and tons of charm, she feels like this might be something worth taking a chance on. But fundamentally, she and Daniel are two extremely different people—and on top of it all, she can’t risk disappointing her parents. This feel-good romance will have you asking “Will they or won’t they” in the best way possible.

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