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The Joy of Submission

Is freedom the absence of rules and discipline? Or is it submitting to rules and discipline?

I believe freedom begins with submission. Let me explain it this way. I like to play golf. But it’s a hard game. The first time I grabbed a club I didn’t whack a ball 300 yards straight down the middle of the fairway. A golf swing takes years of practice to develop and a lifetime to master. And yet, it’s discipline of learning to swing a club properly that offers me freedom. The more I master the mechanics and rhythm of my golf swing the freer I become to hit the right shot at the right time anywhere on the course.

There is freedom through discipline in other areas of life as well. When we understand the vocabulary and syntax of a language, we are free to express ourselves. When we submit to the discipline of good diet and exercise, we feel better. When we practice integrity and faith in our everyday lives, we develop good character that rises to the surface when adversity comes. And when we submit ourselves to the wisdom of God and His values, we are free to live a more joyful, happier life.

Discipline and rules are a paradox. They anchor us, but they also give us wings to fly. They hold us back, but they also set us free to achieve far more than we could have otherwise. To discover new freedom in your life, discover the joy of submission.

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