The No-Hassle, Thoughtful Way I’m Spreading the Galentine’s Love This Season

Benjamin Franklin once coined the phrase, “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes,” but I’d like to add one more instance to the sentiment: blinking and missing Valentine’s Day. Every year, I fall into a near-comatose state after the hustle, bustle, and festivities of the holiday season and get jolted awake by February 14. I’m no stranger to seeing other people’s cute Galentine’s gatherings, date nights, or loving gestures on social media and thinking, “How in the world did I miss it again?”

This year, I’m turning a new leaf, but not in the way of abandoning who I am at heart: a lover, but a last-minute procrastinator, nevertheless. I’m no stranger to picking up last-minute items at my local CVS on the way to a party in the spirit of not showing up empty-handed, but for this Valentine’s Day, I’m taking things up a notch. This year, I raided my local CVS and picked up a bunch of items my bestie would love, and instead of giving it to her in a lame old gift bag that screams, “Oops, I almost forgot,” I’m presenting it in a way that says, “I tried my best because I love you!”

Here is the step-by-step breakdown of how I built this beautiful Galentine’s Day basket (read: a tutorial for everyone in my life to gift one to me, too, because I can’t get enough of it).

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Step 1: Set your budget and get your basket fillings

I’ve seen so many renditions of gift boxes and baskets on TikTok, and every single time one comes across my page, I am just counting up dollar signs in my head. Five of the internet’s most viral beauty products, bubbly, and a gift card? Girl, props to you, but we are in a different tax bracket. While I’d do illegal things to be on the receiving end of a bridesmaid’s proposal box of that caliber, I’m trying to keep things simple, fun, and budget-friendly. And one place I can make that happen? My tried-and-true partner in crime, better known as CVS.

In the interest of seasonality and being as festive as possible, I really wanted to stick to a color palate that exuded all of the Galentine’s Day vibes. To me, that’s a lot of red, pink, and white, which helped me narrow down the endless choices that I had in front of me. I also had a rule that whatever I added to the basket needed to be an item they could actually use (or snack on) so that it didn’t feel like a basket full of random things. At the end of my shopping spree, those simple guidelines resulted in a mix of my favorite beauty products, snacks, and treats (that looked shockingly stunning together).

Step 2: Find a basket or bag that’ll show off your goodies

To me, this is that extra-mile step that makes this gift feel elevated instead of gifting a bunch of “stuff.” I was lucky enough to have just had an engagement party where I had baskets up the wazoo on deck and ready for re-gifting, which made the process easier. But if you don’t have any woven baskets lying around (because, on a normal day, neither would I), take a look around your home and get creative. Or, if you’d like to make it part of the gift, you can opt to purchase an item that can serve the purpose of a container, like a pitcher, makeup bag, or tote.

Step 3: Artfully arrange items in your container

Depending on how deep your container is, you may need to pack the bottom with some sort of filler material to help fill the space. My basket was a bit taller than some of my items were, so I used some shredded paper so that the items could be propped up and visible at eye level, which made all of the difference. If you don’t have shredded paper, you could always opt for tissue paper or newspaper, which will do the trick.

When filling up the basket with my items, I started with my taller/bulkier items in the back row to help provide some structure. I nestled the cutest, most aesthetically pleasing item front and center (in this case, a mug filled with chocolate truffles) to draw extra attention to it and then arranged the rest around that hero gift according to size.

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Step 4: Add a few thoughtful finishing touches

While you could gift your basket as-is, there are a couple of extra steps you can take that can help to elevate it. For me, that was a satin bow. The amount of tutorials I watched to pull off a Pinterest-perfect ribbon is actually concerning, but we made it out alive! Here are some other last-minute additions that can help take your gift basket to new heights:

  • A handwritten note or card: Something about Galentine’s makes me want to gush about my girlfriends ad nauseam, and there’s no better way for you to let them know how much you love and appreciate them than by writing a handwritten note they can save for years to come.
  • Polaroid pictures: If you happen to have a Polaroid picture of you and your friend lying around, you can nestle it between items or tape, glue, or pin it to the front of your basket. And while a Polaroid is super cute, you could just opt for a printed picture to help personalize, and it’ll have just as much of an impact.
  • Fresh flowers: If you search “gift basket” on Pinterest, you’ll likely find that a lot of renditions include fresh flowers, which led to a jaw-dropping result. It’s a sure way to take the basket to a new level and will add that feminine touch that is equal parts romantic and dainty.
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