The Republicans Are Not Giving Us Their Best

Young America’s Foundation, the American version of Hitler’s Youth, and the college Republicans at the University of Wisconsin in Madison had collaborated to throw a wild shindig at the Library Mall in Madison. The invitation that they were sharing was something to behold:


They promised there would be American flags, free t-shirts, popsicles, Toby Keith and Freedom!

Well, isn’t that interesting? They had obviously been planning on this festivity for some time, considering that Toby Keith had passed away three months ago.

Well, OK, maybe they planned it long ago but just never got around to updating that cheap graphic, right? Right? Well, no. If you look at the location, just below, Library Mall, they included “(Street part not criminal part). That is a dig at the pro-peace in Gaza protesters who were in another part of the park. That would make the graphic just a few days old. Surely, they must have known by then that Keith had passed away.

Maybe they had hoped that Zombie Toby Keith was going to perform. It would be awfully gross to just wheel his cadaver out and leave it there like an attraction.

If you were wondering how things turned out, see for yourself:

Less than 20 kids, all white, of course, eating bomb pops and indoctrinating each other. There was no sight nor mention of how Toby Keith was.

The real kicker was that Scott Walker, the president of Young American Fascists, gets paid $800,000 for this kind of thing.

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