The Valley's Michelle Tried to Apologize to Kristen for Pregnancy Dig

Michelle Lally reached out to Kristen Doute — despite their issues — to express her regret over a comment she made on The Valley.

During an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Michelle, 36, reacted to a confessional where she said Kristen, 41, shouldn’t have kids.

“When I watched one of the episodes, I had a very rude comment in my interview bites about her and [boyfriend Luke Broderick] not having a child. I don’t remember the exact words I used, but when I rewatched it, I actually felt really bad and awful,” Michelle admitted to Us. “Because that’s not even me.”

Michelle didn’t “remember saying” the comment until the episode aired, adding, “But again, I was so angry. Not that I’m trying to say that it was right, it was very wrong.”

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Despite not being on speaking terms, Michelle reached out to apologize.

Michelle Lally Apologized to Kristen Doute for Pregnancy Comment

Michelle Lally, Kristen Doute
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“Although I had not spoken to her at all, I actually called her that night because I wanted to apologize and say that I didn’t mean that comment,” she noted. “I should have never said anything like that. Unfortunately, she didn’t take my call or call me back. But I did make an effort to apologize.”

Kristen, 41, and Luke, 32, have discussed on The Valley their attempts to have a baby. After filming on the first season wrapped, Kristen revealed on the couple’s “Balancing Act” podcast that she had a miscarriage. In addition to her relationship with Luke, Kristen’s feuds with multiple costars have been featured heavily on the show.

Most notably, Kristen received backlash for spreading rumors she heard from others. She specifically claimed Michelle was having an “emotional affair” with a “secret boyfriend” while still being married to Jesse Lally. (The pair called it quits and filed for divorce after production on The Valley ended.)

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Michelle has since confirmed that she wasn’t aware how many claims were being made on screen. The real estate agent called it “strange” since she considered Kristen a friend, telling Us, “I felt very attacked and it was just one thing after the other. You’ll see that it never really stops.”

Michelle Lally Apologized to Kristen Doute for Pregnancy Comment

Kristen Doute and Michelle Lally
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Due to Kristen’s behavior toward her, Michelle doesn’t see “a path forward” for them, saying, “Just so many things happen to me. It is just hard to see a future. I don’t know. But we are nowhere close to that yet.”

Michelle also weighed in on the revelation that Jax Taylor started the speculation into her marriage. Viewers saw him question Michelle’s friendship with an unnamed director in an April episode of the show. Footage later showed that Jax, 44, was the one who informed Kristen about Michelle allegedly texting another man.

“It’s probably a combination of both of them. I really don’t know exactly how it all started,” Michelle told Us. “Watching that yesterday was the first time that I had heard or seen that part. I’m a little thrown off by it. My marriage is not a game. We have a child and it’s hard to watch.”

After Jax claimed on the show that he heard information from Brittany Cartwright, Michelle offered an update on their friendship.

“I sent [Brittany] that message — that clip immediately. She said she’s happy to clear that up because she never said anything like that before,” Michelle noted. “She was also surprised. We were both very surprised by that scene.”

The Valley airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET and is available to stream on Peacock the next day.

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