Trump Campaign Denies That Purity Test Is A Purity Test

Karoline Leavitt, spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, was on the Wisconsin based talk show UpFront to discuss Trump’s upcoming stop in Green Bay and some other election related question. The bulk of the conversation was Leavitt denying that they were preparing to claim election fraud for when Trump loses and then repeating The Big Lie over and over. Sadly, neither of the hosts confronted her on this.

But one question and answer towards the end between host Matt Walsh and Leavitt was rather eye opening:

WALSH: You mentioned the new partnership and joint efforts with the RNC. The RNC is asking some job applicants if they believe the 2020 election was stolen. What’s. the purpose of that?

LEAVITT: Well, we are interviewing people that are going to be on the front lines of the battleground states, where we know there were widespread irregularities and fraud in the 2020 election.

WALSH: Judges have said that didn’t exist, though, in states like Wisconsin. Do you need them to say yes?

LEAVITT: No, no, no, it’s not a litmus test. What we want to do is understand where people stand. We want critical thinkers on our team. We want to know if people were involved in the 2020 election on the ground, what they saw so that we can turn around and make it better for 2024.

I’m sorry, but I know a purity test when I see one. After all, Wisconsin is, unfortunately, the birthplace of McCarthyism. We saw it raise its ugly head again in the 2010’s, when Republicans were checking to see if people had signed the recall petitions against then Governor Scott Walker. If they had, Republicans would treat them like outcasts and it would automatically disqualify people from getting elected or even, at time, just getting a job.

So, when you are asking if people believe in The Big Lie, yes, that is a purity test. And in another piece of bad news for Leavitt, if they believe in The Big Lie, they sure as hell aren’t critical thinkers.

On a side note, I do appreciate the irony that the original McCarthyism used to root out people of being Russian sympathizers and communists. Now, under Trump, they are rooting people who don’t believe the Russian propaganda.

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