Trump Gets Censored By Fox News While Ranting To Maria Bartiromo

Fox News censored former President Donald Trump on Sunday as he ranted about running against Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

In an interview that aired on Sunday, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo noted that Trump believes he may not run against President Joe Biden.

“Well, Gavin Newsom’s right out of central casting,” Bartiromo said. “How are you going to do up against Gavin Newsom?”

“Because he’s, he’s so much bullshit,” Trump said as Fox News censored the former president. “His state is doing horribly. You look at the homeless problem. You look at the people that are leaving. You have companies that are leaving. They’re all leaving for other locations. I think Gavin’s easy because California is a disaster.”

Bartiromo also asked about the possibility of Michelle Obama running.

“How are you going to do against Michelle Obama?” the Fox News host wondered.

“You have to see,” Trump insisted. “Look, I’ve seen polls where she doesn’t do well. She may do well, but I’ve seen polls where I beat her easily.”

“I beat her by a lot,” he added. “I had four great years.”

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