Trump Media’s Accounting Firm Charged With ‘Massive Fraud’ By SEC

Why, oh why, does this keep happening to entities associated with Donald Trump? It’s truly one of life’s mysteries that criminals keeping associating themselves with Trump. BF Borgers are suspended from practicing as accountants, and received $14 million in fines. And it wasn’t just done for Trump Media. In total, over 1500 SEC filings were found to be fraudulent. These are civil penalties so we’ll see if the SEC’s investigation leads to a criminal investigation as well.

Earlier this year, BF Borgers were also kicked out of Canada for the same fraudulent practices and incurred a $1.2 million fine.

Source: CNN

New York CNN — BF Borgers, Trump Media & Technology Group’s independent accounting firm, was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday with widespread fraud and accused of operating a “sham audit mill.”

The SEC made no allegation of wrongdoing against Truth Social owner Trump Media (DJT), which is not mentioned in the charges from the regulator.

The SEC accused BF Borgers of “deliberate and systemic failures,” including “fabricating” audit documentation and falsely representing to clients its work would comply with accounting standards.

The agency described this as “massive” fraud taking place between January 2021 and June 2023 that impacted more than 1,500 SEC filings and more than 500 public companies.

The SEC imposed a severe penalty against BF Borgers, permanently suspending the firm from practicing as accountants before the agency effective immediately. The firm and its owner, Benjamin Borgers, also agreed to pay $14 million collectively in fines.

“Borgers and his sham audit mill have been permanently shut down,” Gurbir Grewal, director of the SEC’s enforcement division, said in a press release.

The SEC statement.

Due diligence” and the Russian-linked ES Family Trust were non-existent, a familiar refrain with Trump enterprises.

And Ben Borgers better find an island somewhere where extradition is not allowed.

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