Trump Refuses To Admit He's Bringing Handmaid's Tale To Life

As bad as the things he admits to are, the ones he won’t admit are even scarier. Because it means he knows people will hate him for it, he just doesn’t care. Mika Brzezinski talks about Trump’s Time Magazine interviewL

“The former president was asked about his stance on abortion issues and he mostly dodged the questions,” she said.

“He was asked whether women should be able to get the abortion pill mifepristone. Trump said he has an opinion on that, but would not explain, adding that he has strong views and that he would probably release it over the next week. Trump was then pressed further on the issue, who highlighted that some of the former president’s allies want to use the Comstock Act to block the mailing of abortion drugs.

“Trump replied, quote, ‘I will be making a statement on that over the next 14 days.’ He also avoided giving an answer on whether states should monitor women’s pregnancies, so they can know if a woman has had the procedure after they are banned in a state. Trump said, quote, ‘I think they might do that again, you’ll have to speak to the individual states. The former president then said it was irrelevant whether he was comfortable with women being prosecuted for getting abortions after a ban, because states are going to make those decisions. Good Lord,” Brzezinski said.

“The Biden/Harris campaign released a new video this morning in response to Donald Trump’s comments about abortion to Time magazine.”

BIDEN: Folks. did you hear what Donald Trump just said to Time magazine? It’s shocking. After bragging about overturning Roe and saying women should be punished for accessing reproductive health care, he said states should be able to prosecute women and appears perfectly fine with signing a national ban that would take away IVF access. There seems to be no limit to how invasive Trump would let the state be. This should be a decision between women and her doctor and the governor should get out of people’s lives.

“Molly, I appreciate that from the president.This has been a terrible, terrible nightmare for women across America since the overturning of Roe. You may be pro-life, but you also may be learning that abortion rights do impact your health. Maybe you didn’t know how the overturning of Roe might have affected your life, but now women are more in danger, if they are pregnant, and women who need any type of procedure that is close to an abortion or even like one, but not for, they are in danger.

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