Trump Spox Tests Gag Order By Attacking Jury

The national spokesperson for Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign may have violated a judge’s gag order by suggesting the jury in the former president’s hush money trial was not “fair and impartial.”

Karoline Leavitt made the remarks while speaking to Real America’s Voice on Thursday.

“I’ve been in the courtroom with President Trump over the past couple of weeks, and every single day, the prosecution is doing legal gymnastics to try and prove a crime that does not exist,” Leavitt told host Steve Gruber.

This case would be laughed out of any other courtroom in America if it were not being brought by a far-left district attorney in Alvin Bragg who campaigned on getting Donald Trump, not getting real violent criminals in the streets of New York City, and if this case was not being overseen by a partisan, conflicted judge, Judge Merchan, who donated money himself to Joe Biden’s campaign.

Leavitt then took aim at the jury.

“And they brought this case forward in Manhattan because they know it is a very blue jurisdiction where it’s nearly impossible to get a truly fair and impartial jury for President Trump,” she said.

“They know there’s no crime. They’re bringing it now because they want to weaken the president ahead of November.”

New York Justice Merchan tailored the gag order to stop Trump from attacking potential witnesses, jurors, court staff or their families in the trial.

It also forbids him from directing anybody else to comment about the jury or others. Leavitt appeared on Real America’s Voice in her role as a Trump spokesperson.

Trump was fined $9,000 this week after the judge ruled he violated the order multiple times.

He’s facing 34 criminal charges relating to payments he’s accused of making to keep details of a sexual relationship under wraps before the 2016 election.

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