Trump Trial: Day 10, Featuring Don VonShitzenpants

Day 10 of the Donald Trump criminal trial wrapped up today and it featured a new nickname for Trump: Don VonShitzenpants.

Ok, so here is the recap. The day started with Trump’s second gag order violation hearing. This one addressed 4 new violations, but they were filed BEFORE the ruling on the first set of gag order violations, so jail is not an option. Probably more fines.

There were 4 social media or video clips entered. 2 were about Michael Cohen (derogatory), 1 was a weirdly complementary comment about David Pecker and 1 bashed the jury for being “95% Democrat”.

It appears that the judge took the most issue with the last comment about the jury. The Pecker one may be dismissed as vague. I could also see the judge being non-plussed about the Michael Cohen comments, especially since Cohen has been attacking Trump and the judge may view this as a back and forth bashing.

But the jury statement – that one will get him in trouble.

We will have to wait for this ruling. The last one took a week for 10 violations (ended up being 9). This one may come sooner since it is only 4, max. But who knows. It WON’T be jail, so everyone temper your expectations (and frustration).

Ok, back to the hearing.

Stormy Daniels’ and Karen McDougal’s attorney, Keith Davidson was back up. The prosecution finished up and the cross started.

A copy of the signed settlement agreement (with pseudonyms for Trump and Stormy Daniels) was entered into the record:

The fake letter that “Stormy Daniels” allegedly signed in 2018 denying her “relationship” with Trump:

Lots of arguing between 2 lawyers. And by 2 lawyers I mean Trump’s lawyer and the witness, also a lawyer.


Ok, back from lunch and a super weird moment from Trump’s lawyers.

More back and forth, trying to make Davidson look scummy.

Brief observations on the cross examination:

Next witness, Douglas Daus, a forensic analyst at the Manhattan DA’s office. A purely custodial witness AGAIN.

Oh, a TRUMP – COHEN TAPE has entered the room.

On cross, Trump’s lawyer questions the chain of custody (a common tactic when the defense is losing and can’t fight on facts).

And that’s a wrap! Trial resumes on Friday as usual, ending a bit early at 3:45.

Shortly after court, Trump did his usual whining. This time about gag orders…again.

Don VonShitzinpants. Sleepy Don. Don Snoreleone. Don Whinypants.

See you all tomorrow!

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