Trump Trial: Week 2 Testimony Wraps Up With Hope Hicks!

The second week of testimony in Donald Trump’s first criminal trial is officially over and it ended with a HUGE witness on the stand: Hope Hicks!

No ruling on the 2nd gag order hearing, so we still await that. But the judge did open with a doozy of a comment directly in response to a lie that Trump told the media last night about his gag order:

Boom. Right into it.

Immediately after that *clarification*, Trump attorney Todd Blanche starts arguing about the admissibility of various posts Trump has made, starting with this one:

He is demanding that someone from the DA’s office testify about the authenticity of these records. FINE, more on that later (wink, wink),

Oop, later is now (insert smiley face emoji)

Uh oh, Blanche is again freaking out about Trump’s social media screeds.

Oopsie poopsie, looks like Blanche’s request to have someone testify worked – but not in his favor. And…they are in.

Next up, Trump’s former comms person: Hope Hicks. Poised, she immediately tells the courtroom that she is nervous.

Solid point here – showing that Trump was in control and aware of EVERYTHING:

She knew David Pecker and Trump were friends and overheard at least one phone call.

The Access Hollywood tape has re-entered the chat

And here Hicks talks about Trump ADMITTING that he knew Cohen had paid Stormy Daniels

…with a twist.

Cross starts and Hicks starts CRYING on the stand.

Gentle questioning, and we are done for the week!

Have a great weekend and we will be back on Monday, bright and early, for week 3 of testimony.

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