Upstate NY DA Refuses To Stop For Speeding, Drives Home Instead

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley refused to pull over for speeding and went home and called the police chief to quash the incident instead. That’s a no-no.

Unfortunately for her (or fortunately for the rule of law), the entire incident was recorded on the officer’s bodycam and now DA Doorley has to explain why she has such reckless disregard for the law, police officers, and common sense.

And although a Republican now (of course), Doorley has been a Democrat in the past. (It’s upstate New York. Politics there are “complicated.”) Doorley was first elected in 2011, re-elected in 2015 and 2019, but had no opponent in 2023, running unopposed.

Source: New York Post

An upstate New York district attorney refused to stop for cops when she was caught speeding — and instead drove back her house and called the police chief to complain about the “a–hole” officer who pursued her home, bodycam footage shows.

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley admitted that she was driving 55 mph in a 35 mph zone on Monday on Phillips Road in Webster — less than half a mile from her neighborhood, WHAM reported.

“Once I realized that the intention of the [police car] was to pull me over, I called the Webster Police Chief to inform him that I was not a threat and that I would speak to the Officer at my house down the street,” she said in a statement.

The officer followed her to her home and issued Doorley a ticket, which she accepted. The DA pleaded guilty in municipal court on Tuesday “because I believe in accepting responsibility for my actions and had no intention of using my position to receive a benefit,” she said.

However, bodycam footage released by the Webster Police Department on Friday shows the tense exchange between Doorley and the officer in her driveway, in which the district attorney appears to have been doing just that.

The bodycam footage probably saved the cop his job, as Doorley called the Police Chief right away to make he incident go away.

When the cop tells her she was doing 55 in a 35, she tells him “I don’t really care,” clearly irritated.

She gets on the phone and calls Webster Chief of Police Dennis Kohlmeier and asks him “can you please tell them to leave me alone?”

And then the usual stuff where she calls the officer an asshole, “do you know who I am?”, “what’s your badge number?”, Get out of my fucking house!” etc.

Doorley finally released a statement after the video came out of her behavior. As of this writing she still has a job and hasn’t been fired, which in itself is shocking but I guess it’s all still under review.

In a statement after the footage was released provided to WHAM, Doorley said “nobody, including your District Attorney, is above the rule of law, even traffic laws.

“Anybody who knows me understands without a doubt that I have dedicated my entire 33 year career to the safety of this community,” she continued. “My work to ensure the safety and respect of law enforcement is well proven time and time again. I stand by my work and stand by my commitment to the public safety of Monroe County.”

The 26-minute bodycam video is an exercise is extreme stupidity. She’ll get fired.

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