Was A T. Rex Smarter Than Trump?

A study once claimed that a T. rex was on par, intelligence wise with a modern baboon.

Now we find out, that’s not so.

A new study co-authored by Hady George of the University of Bristol told ZME Science has a new take on the intelligence of a T. rex.

Overall, the new study found that the previous estimate for the neuron count of T. rex was greatly overestimated, especially that of the forebrain. Rather than 3 billion neurons as previously stated, T. rex‘s brain had no more than 1.7 billion neurons. And even this figure may be too generous.

Perhaps a more realistic neuron count hovers around 250 million, which is about as many neurons as the cat brain, a much smaller species. T. rex was probably more like a giant crocodile in intellect and behavior, rather than a baboon. But that’s not to say it was unsophisticated. T. rex was still cognitively capable of subduing dangerous prey, nesting, and courting mates.

I’d say a baboon has more neurons than Trump, but reptiles?

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