We're Here For The Steve Bannon Meltdown

Conservative podcast host Steve Bannon exploded with anger Monday after a New York judge threatened former President Donald Trump with jail.

Bannon unleashed a rant after Justice Juan Merchan fined Trump $1,000 for each of four violations of a gag order. The judge previously fined Trump for nine other violations. During the Monday hearing, Merchan also said jail could be a future sanction.

“It’s all this to smear Trump,” Bannon opined. “The only thing you’ve seen in the narrative in the courtroom in the last couple weeks is Trump’s a scumbag — Trump’s a scumbag, and it’s put out and reinforced time and time again on MSNBC and CNN.”

“They threatened President Trump!” he exclaimed. “They threatened President Trump with jail. They threatened President Trump with jail because of this unconstitutional gag order. And my question is why are we not going on offense?”

The host referred to an Access Hollywood tape where Trump said he could sexually assault women because he was famous.

“Nobody cares about locker room talk,” Bannon bellowed. “Why don’t we go on offense and bring the people that Bill Clinton raped and Bill Clinton sexually molested?”

“Let the American people compare and contrast the words of Donald Trump in locker room talk versus the actions of the Clintons and let the American people decide.”

Bannon repeatedly insisted Trump’s supporters “must go on offense.”

“You have to go on offense on this vast criminal conspiracy against Donald J. Trump,” he complained. “And the House of Representatives and the feckless, gutless leadership over there has to step up to the plate, and they need to step up to the plate today; it’s absolutely outrageous what’s going on President Trump’s taking incoming from everywhere.”

“Somebody has got to come to his defense!”

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