What Is Trump Hiding? Release The Cognitive Test!

It has been 4 years since Trump took a cognitive test and he literally won’t shut up about how he “aced” it. Won’t shut up about it. Tells people about the details, like he knew the difference between a giraffe and a whale–about as cringe as it gets.

But beyond the cringe, first, why did Trump take the cognitive test in the first place? You don’t take this test if there’s nothing wrong. Cliff Schecter lays out the criteria for when you’d take this test as provided by top medical facilities. Let’s just say, per usual, Trump’s motormouth is telling on himself.

Second, Why does Trump refuse to release the results of the test? Numerous Democrats, media and others have challenged him to release the test and his results, but he refuses. Why?

Cliff also asks this question, and some other very relevant ones that begin to paint, let’s call it a pretty clear picture. Watch the video! Then subscribe to Cliff’s YouTube channel for more content like this!

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