Almond Toe Shoes Are Making a Comeback

Shop the freshest versions of the classic style.

by Christina Holevas

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These days, thanks to TikTok, we’ve all heard of almond moms, but have you heard of almond toes? Even if you don’t know the name of this shoe style, you probably know the look. With their gently rounded, not-quite-pointed tips, almond toe shoes are named for the fact that they look like, well… that healthy little nut that your mom occasionally eats a handful of. Almond toe shoes have been around as long as shoes themselves, but they haven’t always been au courant, as the dominating trends have oscillated from pointy to square. But lately we’ve been noticing a bit of an almond-toe renaissance. Predictive brands like The Row, Saint Laurent, and Toteme have all been heavily featuring the style, so we expect the trend to continue. If you want to try a taste of the trend, look no further than our edit here.

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