Trump Demands An End To Early Voting

During an interview with Newsmax’s Greg Kelly, Trump demanded we terminate early voting and move to all paper ballots while continuing to push the notion that both mean the Democrats are “cheating.” Trump has been a huge flaming hypocrite on this issue for ages, claiming that mail-in voting is corrupt, except of course, if he does it.

It continues to astound me that Trump, like his enablers over on the Fox propaganda network, continue to give the voting machine companies more ammo for lawsuits.

Here’s Trump with Kelly this Thursday, complaining that Biden misread something off of a teleprompter during a speech while pretending that everything in the United States and abroad would be going perfectly now if we were unfortunate enough to still have him occupying the Oval Office, and continuing to spread the Big Lie about early voting so he can pretend he was cheated when Biden hopefully kicks his ass in November.

TRUMP: You know, six months is very, a little more than six months now, which is sounds good, but that’s a long time in the life of this country with this leadership because they don’t know what they’re doing. Uh, the war with Ukraine would have never happened. Israel, October 7th, would have never happened would have never ever happened, uh, just wouldn’t have happened.

And I go along and I’m saying November 5th that’s election day, which is really election period. You know, in the old days, it was election day. Now it’s election day, some of these things, forty eight days. Forty eight days of cheating, and uh, which we hate.

We gotta, we gotta bring the elections back to paper ballots, which, by the way, is very sophisticated. They make incredible, sophisticated paper. You can’t cheat. It’s very simple. It would cost about 9 percent of what the machines cost, or what elections cost and it would be safe. But paper ballots, voter ID you need voter ID, and same day voting. Same day voting.

The only reason Trump, or Republicans care about the issue of early voting is because it puts a stop to a lot of their voter suppression efforts if heaven forbid people who work for a living and who are busy and maybe raising families have more time to cast their vote.

While I agree we ought to have paper ballots everywhere so there’s a way to go back and recount votes and to make sure there aren’t any problems with the tabulators, or with the electronic voting machines, moving to purely paper ballots would have its own set of issues and would be even slower with the results coming in.

All of this is nothing more than him again muddying the waters and pushing the notion that the people who voted early, as opposed to those who vote on election day, shouldn’t have their vote counted. I’d love to see someone ask him if all of the military personnel who vote by mail shouldn’t have their ballots counted as well.

It also appears Trump hasn’t talked to his daughter-in-law much lately either, since she recently told NBC News that Trump is “very much embracing early voting.” Here’s to hoping he suppresses his own voters with this nonsense.

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