Self-proclaimed Prophet Chris Reed: Muslims Can't Be Americans

The push to turn America into a Christian theocracy has never been greater, put forth by haters of democracy like this guy.

Kyle Mantyla reports:

A multi-day right-wing event took place at The Gathering church in North Carolina last weekend, aimed at mobilizing pastors to become more active in politics. The event was organized by America’s Black Robe Regiment, a Christian nationalist group founded by Rev. Bill Cook, who has made it his mission to see “the government of God [established] throughout every square inch of the Earth.”

Redd took the pulpit and calmly issued his fatwa on the US Constitution.

“I’m not saying Americans have to be Christians, but I will say this: I don’t believe the Constitution …,” Reed said, pausing to think through what he was about to say. “I don’t believe you can be a practicing Muslim and be an American, if you follow the Quran closely and believe it.”

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